CoWordle is a multiplayer spinoff of the Wordle game. You have to guess the hidden word together with a random opponent.

CoWordle is an online game where you compete with others. In CoWordle, you and an opponent take turns guessing a hidden word, similar to a game of chess. The first player is chosen randomly. When it’s your turn, you’ll see a prompt to enter a word, and the game board will turn blue. When it’s your opponent’s turn, the board turns gray.

You need to guess a five-letter word during your turn. After you enter the word, the letters change color to give you clues. Green letters are in the hidden word and in the right spot. Yellow letters are in the hidden word but in the wrong spot. Gray letters are not in the hidden word at all.

There’s no limit to how many turns you can take, and the game continues until someone guesses the hidden word. You have 15 seconds to make each guess. If you don’t guess in time, you lose. You can also choose to quit the game at any time by clicking the flag next to your name.

You can play against random people online or invite a friend to play by sending them a game link.

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